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indigenous house enclosures

Allan Barboza began his career in Architecture in 1987 while studying in college. His early work experience with renowned architects and construction professionals convinced him that architectural work not only responds to the requirements of the client and the characteristics of the project, but also to the consideration and integration of cultural, social, ecological, technological and environmental aspects under a framework of authentic professional commitment. He calls this approach responsible architecture.

As a faithful admirer of the natural beauty of Costa Rica, Allan becomes aware of the impact that buildings have on the environment, but he is also convinced of the intimate language that the environment sustains over time with the architectural space while sharing the same natural space. Being the tropics the environment where his professional practice develops, the ecosystem and the climate become determining factors to design proposals that respond to the demands of the site. The bio-climatic design becomes of great interest in his approaches. Allan defines nature as an aspect that affects but also offers answers to the architectural enigma.

However, the socio-cultural influence and all its variables continued to influence the process of design and execution, reason why he began searching for what is architecturally sustainable and balanced. The design-build approach would be one of the solutions to achieve this goal.

Since opening the studio in 1993, the creativity towards a spatial response is driven by the environment, human nature and professional ethics.

The architecture offered is conciliatory: integrates a diversity of determining factors; durable: adapts to the environment; and authentic: proposes a unique solution in time and space.

the team

the unique enthusiasm and professionalism with which our professionals carry out the practice of architecture is the result of years of experience, curious study and adaptation to current solutions that culminate in an accurate and refreshing architectural work.

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allan barboza

principal architect


amanda barboza

architectural design

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